Vanderpump Rules – Scheana Shay ‘Likes’ Tweet Calling For Editor Demotion

Bri Dellinger, Vanderpump rules editor, recently revealed in two Twisted Plot podcast appearances with Evelyn Marley that she was deliberately trying to embarrass Scheana Shay while editing the Bravo series. Shay has been silent since Dellinger’s confession, but recently made clear what she thinks of the situation via her social media activity.

“If Scheana knows what’s good for her, she would befriend me because my favorite game is to find all the embarrassing things Scheana does and put them all in,” said Dellinger on the podcast, who added that the editors of VPR joked that Shay’s memoirs should be titled Death By a Million Embarrassments. Vanderpump Rules – Scheana Shay ‘Likes’ Tweet Calling For Editor Demotion

This @DannyPellegrino interview with Scheana covers the mounting bullshit she received, the truth behind her “quarrel” with Dayna, and why so much of this season seems wrong. It’s … a lot more interesting than anything we’ve seen on the show recently.

– Louis Peitzman (@LouisPeitzman) May 13, 2020

When fans of Vanderpump Rules discovered Dellinger’s confession, they immediately turned to Twitter to express their support for Shay. Even though she hasn’t published anything herself, Shay likes tweets that call for Dellinger’s demotion.