Magic: The Gathering’s Absurd New Set

Wizards of the Coast likes to push the boundaries of ridicule as much as possible. Their latest set, Unsanctioned, goes beyond these borders and directly into absurdity.

Unsanctioned is described as a ready-to-play “Un-set” experience by Wizards of the Coast, joining the previous “Un-sets” Unglued, Unhinged and Unstable. These sets are silver rimmed sets, which means that they are not legal for the tournament or covered by the general rules of the game. Although your local game store organizes events to play these sets, you do not not participate in a normal tournament with the cards you get from Unsanctioned, so keep that in mind before buying!
Magic: The Gathering’s Absurd New Set Unsanctioned Releases Today!
Unsanctioned consists of five monochrome 30-card decks designed to synergize with each other in extremely unpredictable ways. Players choose two games and combine them into one, face to face in a game-style battle of lu

there are also a myriad of new mechanics. The host and augmentation return, which can be combined together at a cost. Knightlink will also arrive, which works in the same way as the life bond (the wounds inflicted by the creature you control also gain you as much life), but only for creatures of the Knight class. Surgeon General Commander brings the transferred mechanic, serving as a teasing for the next Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. Acorns can be used as an Acornelia resource, Fashionable Filcher, which works in the same way as energy meters.

Two types of non-creatures also return, the Bureaucrat and the Clamfolk. The Clamfolk have a new commander in Alexander Clamilton, a historical nightmare and moderately nightmare, a reimagination at the head of