Bandar Powder are a supplier raw material for bubble drink, cappuccino grass jelly, boba bubble tea, ice blend, milkshake, milk coffee, thirsty drinks, and various toppings of grass jelly grass black grass jelly powder, tapioca pearl, rainbow jelly, popping boba, konyaku jelly powder, and business equipment for franchise tea or bubble drink.

“Bandar Powder telah banyak jual bubuk minuman ke industri Usaha Kecil dan Menengah (UKM) untuk keperluan Minuman Bubble Tea/Ice Bubble, bahan baku Ice buble, bubble drink, milkshake powder, ice blended, cappucino cincau dan untuk ekstra menu minuman di kafe, resto, kedai minuman dan hotel.”

Open a beverage business without buying a franchise, now you can do it easily. You can also open your own franchise outlets, because purchasing powder at our place without a minimum order.

We have many product variants for the bubble tea drinks menu, bubble drinks, ice blend, milkshakes, hot and cold drink menus. There are some of our customers using flavoring powder to create pinch cakes, cakes, fresh milk flavorings, pudding and others.

Opening a beverage outlet has proven to be a success for all Bandar powder customers. Many already have outlets, and all of them are opened from small outlets, that is, opening ONE outlet.

Use your capital as best as possible to expand your Distributor Bubuk Minuman, and entrust your procurement of Outlets and bubble drink, bubble tea, milkshake ingredients to Bandar Powder Bubble Drink Supplies.


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